What can Splash PR do for you?

Are you having trouble with any of these?

  • Reaching potential customers?
  • Spreading your message while your sales team is furloughed or can’t meet them face to face?
  • Demonstrating how your expertise can help customers?
  • Showing potential customers that you are an expert in your field?
  • Managing how your potential customers and stakeholders see you?
  • Explaining what you actually DO?
  • Saying something in a way which makes you look authoritative?

I can help if you run a business in one of the following sectors:

• Residential, commercial or mixed use property development
• Estate agency
• Facilities management
• Construction materials manufacture

Who am I?

I help shape and share messages for residential, mixed use, retirement and commercial property developers, housing associations, landscapers, estate agents and construction materials manufacturers.

By devising and writing fresh, creative stories for the press and your website and sharing them via social media and in customer e-newsletters, I spread your organisation’s news to the people who matter to you. Through a combination of company news, educational pieces, case studies and piggybacking on social, political, economic and industry trends, I position you as an expert in your field.

Now, more than at any other time, written communication is vital in enabling us to nurture relationships with customers and stakeholders and is key to longer term success.

I have a 34-year background in journalism, scriptwriting and PR (and  a French degree from Warwick University, which helps me with one European client).  I’ve worked with huge global PR agencies McCann and Porter Novelli and was shortlisted as a BBC comedy scriptwriter. These combined skills of researching, writing and understanding how people speak mean I’m ideally positioned to tell your story.

I’ve run Splash PR for the past 26 years.

One client calls me Helen Pen Wizard (although my wizardry extends beyond mere penmanship, he tells me!)