PR for niche property developers

I’ve worked with a number of niche property developers over the past quarter century.

These include housebuilders who need to show that the homes they build go beyond offering just four walls – they have eco features, are community minded, fulfil a need in a rural environment, or preserve special architectural features.

Topical events, government policy and specialist reports are used as starting points from which the developer is positioned as an expert commentator. The housing crisis, the Farmer Review, the Calcutt Report, The Barker Review, Boris’ latest proclamation to Build, Build Build and in fact anything Mark Farmer has to say about MMC – all are excellent fodder for thought leadership pieces. 

Here’s what one client has to say:

Linfoot Country Homes Ltd

“Until meeting Helen Lambell and Splash PR we had been somewhat disillusioned with the services offered by PR consultancies. However, our experience with Helen has been quite different. We have now been using Splash PR for a number of years and could not be more impressed with the service she has provided.
“Her first step on being appointed was to gain a thorough understanding of our company, its background, culture, area and type of activity and the services we needed, with a view to raising the company profile and at the same time promoting our individual housing developments
“She has been outstandingly successful, we have had very wide coverage by way of press releases, features and articles both locally and nationally. We are now regularly approached for comments on housing related issues, including a number of radio interviews.
“Helen is proactive in coming up with ideas for newsworthy stories which she always seems to be able to get featured prominently in the press and specialist magazines.
“She has also helped in the preparation of our web site and in submissions which have resulted in Housing Awards.
“Helen Lambell and Splash PR are very professional in all their activities, efficient and easy to work with, but most important they achieve results.”

And journalists like my stuff too! Praise indeed from the Birmingham Post

“By gum, you are a helpful person. I have twice in my life asked nice PR people to do that extra bit of homework to fit what I need. This was the second time! You did it, extremely well, and I was able to put together the piece, a little like painting by numbers! I am very tempted to try it again when next presented with an interesting property that needs that bit more colour. I certainly hope your agents are pleased with their front cover spot! Find me another one!”