PR for property services specialists

I’ve worked for project management companies, landscapers, a grounds maintenance provider, a civic floral display specialist and a road gritting firm – all services related to the wider property industry. These companies wanted to get in front of facilities managers, local authorities, NHS trusts, retail and business parks and big name national housebuilders and needed to show they had the clout to deliver major projects.

Using topical trends and industry insight, I wrote stories which positioned them to ensure their target audience had absolute trust in what they did.

Reports by the Institute of Place Management, insight into retail trends and scientific reports on the benefits of being outdoors were just some of the sparks which ignited stories which showed my clients as experts in their field.

And here are some happy bunnies from a client which began life as a £5 million turnover business and grew to around £80 million

TCL Group
“We love Helen Lambell at the TCL Group. Not only does she have a great sense of humour, she manages to write stories which make what we do sound even more exciting than it really is! She’s efficient, has a tremendous turn of phrase, knows about our activities inside out and turns stories round as speedily and accurately as is humanly possible. We even let her go on holiday earlier this year (usually she works while she’s away, which we find a bit sad, but she says she enjoys it). She played a big part in helping us grow from a £5 million to a £80 million turnover company in a matter of years. And while she didn’t do this singlehandedly (whatever she may think) her role in this achievement was not insignificant! As it was in helping us reach the dizzy heights of being named one of the 1,000 Companies to Inspire Europe! Every time the Splash PR contract is due for renewal (and Helen has been with us for many years) we say she has to stay on– we won’t let her escape that easily!!!”
Simon Cashmore, CEO, TCL Group

TCL Group
“Helen Pen Wizard. You’re a star.”
Nick Truesdale, Regional Director, TCL Group

Here are some examples of using current trends to promote property services clients as experts in their field.

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