Estate agency PR

How can Splash PR help estate agents?


I can help you clarify

  • who you want to target
  • how you want to be perceived
  • why you want to be seen in a particular way
  • what you want to be known for

Sharing your achievements

My unusual journalistic and BBC scriptwriting background enables me to distil sometimes complex ideas into pithy prose for dissemination

  • via the press
  • on your website
  • through e-newsletters
  • on social media

Thought leadership

I present you as an expert on issues relevant to your target market

Jargon untangling

Many years as a journalist have enabled me to unravel long-winded documents, while my dramatist’s ear means I can present the key concepts in an accessible manner

Journalism and scriptwriting expertise

My unusual (perhaps unique) blend of journalistic and BBC scriptwriting expertise (combined with quarter of a century in PR) means I have an ear for listening, can bring your characters to life and understand what makes an interesting story

Here’s what one estate agent has to say about Splash PR:

ehB Residential
“We wanted some very focused PR for one of the developments we were selling which was competing against a number of similar complexes in nearby locations. We needed to find a way to make this particular project stand out and really go to town on its unique features, its location, its appeal to a variety of purchasers and age groups and the fact that it was built in a sensitive conservation area.
“Its appeal was to be local, regional and national and we needed to ensure we gained the right media coverage to achieve sales in the time frame laid down by the developers. Splash PR came highly recommended and didn’t disappoint.
“Helen managed to generate a number of news stories from minimal initial material and gain coverage across a wide range of press and broadcast media and we’re already well on the way to achieving our sales targets.”
Edward Bromwich, Managing Director, ehB