Construction materials and infrastructure PR

How can Splash PR help construction materials and infrastructure providers?


I can help you clarify

  • who you want to target
  • how you want to be perceived
  • why you want to be seen in a particular way
  • what you want to be known for

Sharing your achievements

My unusual journalistic and BBC scriptwriting background enables me to distil sometimes complex ideas into pithy prose for dissemination

  • via the press
  • on your website
  • through e-newsletters
  • on social media

Thought leadership

I present you as an expert on issues relevant to your target market

Jargon untangling

Many years as a journalist have enabled me to unravel long-winded documents, while my dramatist’s ear means I can present the key concepts in an accessible manner

Journalism and scriptwriting expertise

My unusual (perhaps unique) blend of journalistic and BBC scriptwriting expertise (combined with quarter of a century in PR) means I have an ear for listening, can bring your characters to life and understand what makes an interesting story

Here’s what one construction infrastructure client has to say about Splash PR:

Professional Concrete Pumping
“Many thanks for a most professional and enjoyable campaign. The response is outstanding and has been instrumental in launching us into the stratosphere. It is a credit to your creativity and commitment. Bill and I cannot thank you enough. The board are very impressed.” Peter Liddle MD Professional Concrete Pumping (formerly Pochins)