PR for construction materials manufacturers

Amazingly, I have managed to achieve acres of coverage for some of what may be regarded as the dullest of products and services! Sometimes it takes a lot of brain work to come up with a new way to talk about something which would make people keel over with boredom at a dinner party.

If you manufacturer a dreary widget or squirt concrete into major infrastructure projects then that’s your cue to call Helen Lambell at Splash PR.

Again, using topical issues I can craft stories which present your company as an expert in its field. Building regulation changes, the recent removal of the need for full planning permission for some residential extensions, the ability to easily (and controversially) convert commercial premises to residential – all provide excellent meat for a series of juicy stories to show you as someone who knows about more than just the products you sell – but about the wider industry and its impact on the world.

Here’s another happy customer

Here’s what one construction infrastructure client has to say about Splash PR:

Professional Concrete Pumping
“Many thanks for a most professional and enjoyable campaign. The response is outstanding and has been instrumental in launching us into the stratosphere. It is a credit to your creativity and commitment. Bill and I cannot thank you enough. The board are very impressed.” Peter Liddle MD Professional Concrete Pumping (formerly Pochins)

Here are some examples of positioning a construction materials manufacturer as an expert on thermal efficiency and the housing crisis by piggybacking on topical news trends

Housing minister calls for more MMC 

The impact of Covid on MMC

And case studies are a brilliant way to show potential customers how they could benefit from using a client’s products or services

Using materials in an attractive barn conversion

And for an award winning airbnb water tower