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Do you enjoy writing?

Would I really have been doing this job for the last 32 years if I didn’t? As an aside, many years ago I was shortlisted to write a Radio 4 six-part comedy series and two one off comedy dramas. I was also shortlisted to write scripts for Ragdoll Productions – who make Brum, Teletubbies and In the Night Garden. Alas, shortlisting was as far as it got. So near – yet effectively so far! PR is very similar though. One creates characters, scenarios, invents quotes and writes a compelling story.

What is your professional background?

I was a journalist for eight years – four as an editor before deciding to use those same journalistic skills for businesses instead. I didn’t like doorknocking bereaved people and thought PR sounded much nicer (it is!) ​

What qualifications do you have?

I have a French degree from Warwick University – but as I don’t write my press releases in French that may not sound that relevant. Nevertheless it’s a BA Hons from one of the country’s finest higher education establishments and it is a beautiful language.  

How do you communicate with the press?

Almost always by email initially. As an ex journalist, it’s an absolute nuisance to have PR people phone you and try to interest you in a story when you’re mid-way through writing something! Believe me – I have been that disgruntled reporter!  

Who will carry out the work?

Me! It’s very much a personal relationship. So if we don’t get on it won’t work! If we do it’ll be fantastic. I get on very well with everyone I work with and treat them like friends (although I do send them a bill every month!). I have turned people down who I sensed didn’t share my values… don’t be one of those!. How do you prefer to communicate with your clients? On the whole email is the most effective means of communication. But I use messenger, What’sApp, text, Skype,… Read more Who will carry out the work?