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Describe your ideal project

A combination of lots of website news stories, a healthy smattering of social media, an element of press (by which I mean paper and online) coverage, plenty of photo opportunities and a monthly e-newsletter. Stories will be a combination of using topical issues as a springboard from which to showcase the client as an expert in his or her industry sector (this is called newsjacking these days), human interest pieces, advice, opinion and direct company news stories.  

Describe your ideal client

Interesting, broadminded, fun, enterprising, adventurous, easy to work with, thoughtful, polite, trustworthy. Someone who I would be friends with. Grumpy self-important, controlling people will be rejected. I mean it!  

What sort of companies do you work for?

Medium-sized  to large companies with a turnover of at least £500,000. One client turns over £60 million a year, has 700 staff and has been named on of the 1000 Best Companies to Inspire Europe. I work with house builders, commercial property developers, estate agencies and companies working in the wider construction sector  

How does Splash differ from any other PR agency?

Helen Lambell was a journalist for eight years before setting up her own PR business. She understands what makes a good story – what journalists and the target readership want to read. Many agencies come from a marketing starting point and tell the journalist what the client wants to tell. Which is often not the same thing. Yes, of course the aim is to get the message out there – but the way to do is to provide compelling copy that people want to read! And sometimes the client needs… Read more How does Splash differ from any other PR agency?